Give to Get : An Experimental Study to Explore Information Giving in New Technology-Based Retail

in Advanced Technologies Management for Retailing: Frameworks and Cases

par Grosso, Monica (19..-....) ; Castaldo, Sandro ; Premazzi, Katia (19..-....)

Édité par IGI Global 2011 - 197-220 P. - En anglais

ISBN : 978-1-60960-738-8


The development of new technologies opens many opportunities for retailers. Nevertheless, the adoption of many such technologies requires retailers to address customers’ privacy concerns to encourage them to share information with the firm. Indeed, a large amount of customer information is required before a retailer can exploit the opportunities that new technologies offer. This chapter seeks to help retailers reach this goal by investigating the effects that two variables, which have emerged as relevant in the literature, have on information sharing: trust and compensation (as a form of incentive). The results of two experimental studies focusing on the online setting show the key role that trust plays in increased online information sharing. These results are a starting point for research on the privacy-related issues of new technologies, as the online setting could be perceived as very risky in terms of the invasion of privacy.

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