Communication de conférence

The Future(s) of organization studies. : About the erosion of “passionate scholarship”

in IOA Conversation Series 2012, Copenhagen, April, 2012

par Courpasson, David (19..-....) ; Durand, Rodolphe ; IOA Conversation Series ("Future of organization studies"). Copenhagen, April, 2012

Édité par Copenhagen Business School 2012 - 5 p. - En anglais


Organization studies, at least in its traditional form, seems to be losing terrain in business schools and universities. While it may still be going fairly strong in Scandinavia, it seems to be regressing in other parts of Europe and in the U.S. Although the Academy of Management and EGOS experience continually growing memberships, it is increasingly questioned whether there is, and whether there should be, a field worthy the name of organization studies. To whom does it speak? Social sciences? Practitioners? Whereas OS exhibits a rich past of close links both with social science and the world of practice, we are not sure if this is still the case. Instead, we fear that we are witnessing a field in a state of fragmentation and/or a field that is closing in on itself. Is OS becoming outdated, empirically irrelevant, or losing its scholarly touch? Is it losing out to other fields? Is there hope of renewal, and if so, in what form? What is happening to the field? What can we as scholars do to save it, or should we do anything to save it?

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