Communication de conférence

Entrepreneur in spite of himself : Occupational entrepreneuring in a highly constrained environment

in 7th International Critical Management Studies Conference, Naples, July 11-13, 2011

par Courpasson, David (19..-....) ; Marti, Ignasi (19..-....) ; Dany, Françoise (19..-....) ; International Critical Management Studies Conference. 7th, Naples, July 11-13, 2011

Édité par Università degli Studi di Napoli 2011 - 23 p. - En anglais


In this paper we offer a story of intra-organizational occupational entrepreneuring. The paper develops an approach enabling to understand how a process of entrepreneuring can develop within an organization, which we define as a highly constraining context. We highlight how an individual called Jacques in the paper, is capable to oppose hierarchical decisions affecting his working context, and subsequently generates the conditions for an entrepreneuring process to exist, without seeing himself as an entrepreneur. The paper connects studies of resistance and studies of entrepreneurship to suggest that entrepreneuring processes can create subjective moments of ‘micro-emancipation’ in a business organization. We also offer an interactionist interpretation of the story of Jacques, so as to demonstrate the power of an ‘inhabited’ version of entrepreneuring ventures within organizations, with individuals finding in the concrete activities and events they perform and live the resources they need to define their projects and strengthen their convictions.

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