Cas pédagogique

Principled Negotiation and Value Creation in Aircraft Deals: Airbus – Icarus Airways

par Borbély, Adrian ; Marcos-Cuevas, Javier ; Speakman, James Ian

Édité par The Case Center 2016 - 38 p. ; Teaching note - 15 p. - En anglais


This is a complex, high-stake negotiation simulation, that features intense time pressure. It is therefore intended for an advance negotiations course, or for experienced participants. The case features a fictitious newly established airline wishing to buy aircraft from an aircraft manufacturer, which is the most significant financial and operational commitment an airline can make. For the original equipment manufacturer (Airbus), it is about making the sale at conditions that guarantee the financial success of the start-up airline. Icarus seeks to purchase new single-aisle aircraft, has cleared the first stages of eligibility and is ready to talk about terms and conditions for their acquisition of airplanes.

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