Retail and Channel Marketing

par Castaldo, Sandro ; Grosso, Monica (19..-....) ; Premazzi, Katia (19..-....)

Édité par Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd 2020 - 272 p. - En anglais

ISBN : 978-1-78990-367-6


Now in its second edition, this updated text explores the contemporary trends in retail and channel marketing. Disentangling the complexity of channel marketing issues, it offers a systematic overview of the key concepts and intricacies of the subject and provides a holistic approach to retail and channel marketing. Key features of the second edition include: • Coverage of both the core tenets and the latest research frontiers in the field • A new chapter detailing the history of retailing and its importance to modern economies • Updated case examples based on real-world scenarios to reinforce understanding of complex topics • Exploration of key concerns of commercial sector analysis and retail marketing through the lenses of the manufacturer, the retailer and the customer. Offering a comprehensive introduction to both foundational topics and advanced concepts, this textbook is ideal for courses relating to channel marketing and retail management, as well as MBA courses on marketing and go-to-market strategy.

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