Working Paper

Unpicking the meaning of value key in account management

in University of Bath School of Management Working Paper Series , 2005.02

ISSN : 1111-1111

par MOUZAS, Stefano ; Pardo, Catherine (19..-....) ; Naudé, Peter ; ENNEBERG, Stephan

Édité par Université de Bath 2005 - 30 P. - En anglais


In this conceptual paper we explore the meaning of value within the context of Key Account Management (KAM).We briefly present the emergence of Key Account Programs, identifying that they have not traditionally been linked to the notion of value. We go on to present value as it is currently explored in the marketing literature, emphasizing the fact that value is seen from either the customer's or the supplier's prespective. However, as Key Account Management Programs are often formed between companies in order to achieve mutual gains, the current view of value (from either the customer's or the supplier's viewpoint) is sufficient to take into account this mutual perspective. We explore different 'types' of value that may be achieved in such programs, and propose a model that may be used in order to facilitate our understanding of how these vary. Some intial strategic implications are derived for key account managers. The paper allows us to build on the existing literature on value, by adding a new definition of relational value. it also allows us to propose a new understanding of key account management based upon value.

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