Working Paper

The impact of key account managers' behaviours on customers' trust

par Pardo, Catherine (19..-....) ; GUENZI, Paolo ; GEORGES, Laurent

Édité par EDHEC 2004 - 29 P. - En anglais


This paper explores the impact on relational outcomes of the adoption of some relational behaviors from the part of key account managers. Based on a review of literature on personal selling, key account management and relationship marketing, we contribute to a better understanding of the role of specific key account managers’ behaviors in fostering customer trust. Results of the empirical study clearly show that the use of customer orientation has a strong influence on customer trust by increasing key account managers’ role performance and stimulating synergistic solutions. Conversely, selling orientation negatively affects synergistic solutions, thus decreasing customer trust. Finally, team selling has a positive impact on the attainment of synergistic solutions, thus fostering customer trust. Starting from these findings, managerial and research implications are discussed.

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