Impact of Public Policy on Firm Innovation Investment and Performance : Evidence from High Technology Industries in Guangdong Province

in South China Journal of Economics, 2014 (8)

par Lan, Sai ; Zhao, Yin

2014 - 27-43 p. | En anglais

Based on the past experiences of developed countries, public policies may determine whether a country’s industrial technology can leap forward during key stages of overall technology development.Thus, it is an important topic to understand the impact of public policies on firm and industry development, and their potential impact on related stakeholders.This paper proposes a typology of public policies.Based on relevant policy information and industrial innovation data of high technology industries in Guangdong province between 2003 and 2011, this paper conducts an empirical study of the relationship between public policy and firm innovation investment and performance.Results show that, on one hand, environmental and market structure policies have significant impacts on firm investment in innovation.On the other hand, the favorable treatment of public policy on state-owned enterprises may cause negative impact on firm innovation performance.

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