New Frontiers in Entrepreneurial Finance Research

par Quas, Anita ; Alperovych, Yan ; Bellavitis, Cristiano ; Paeleman, Ine ; Kamuriwo, Dzidziso Samuel

Édité par World Scientific Publishing 2019 - Ref. 10.1142/11344 - 300 p. - En anglais

ISBN : 978-981-1202-75-9

Ce livre contient les chapitres suivants :
Financial literacy and entrepreneurship


This book provides an updated view of new trends in entrepreneurial finance, with the aim of guiding academics and non-academics alike that want to gain a deeper understanding of this field. It collects recent contributions from scholars from all over the world. Each chapter provides new empirical or theoretical evidence on fundamental issues related to entrepreneurial finance, including business angels, crowdfunding, Initial Coin Offerings, Mini bonds, public support and more. Besides reviewing the recent trends in the field, the book also highlights new avenues for research, and implications for practitioners.

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