Les espaces de coworking : Nouveaux intermédiaires d'innovation ouverte?

in Revue Française de Gestion, 254

par Fabbri, Julie ; Charue-Duboc, Florence

2016 - 163-180 p. | En français

Concurrently with the digital generalization, new physical workspaces, like co-working spaces, increase and raise worldwide enthusiasm. In this paper, we will study three Parisian co-working spaces through a small service company which has successively located in these workspaces. We will show that co-working spaces are a new type of open innovation intermediaries facilitating multi-actor interaction dynamics, contributing to the development of inter-organizational collaborations, promoting multiple contacts, framing the interactions between potential partners, and having an autonomous business model. We will specify four spatially anchored intermediation components which can led to new offers.

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