We have always been Oligarchs': Business Elite in Polyarchy

in The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Behavior, Vol.2: Macro Approaches

par Courpasson, David (19..-....)

Édité par Sage 2008 - 518 P. - En anglais


Table of Contents : VOLUME 2 Introduction Cary L Cooper & Julian Barling PART ONE: INDIVIDUAL ATTACHMENT TO, AND DISENGAGEMENTS FROM, WORK Psychological Contracts Jacqueline A-M. Coyle-Shapiro and Marjo-Riita Parzefall Commitment in the Workplace: Past, Present and Future John P. Meyer, Timothy A. Jackson and Elyse R. Maltin Taking Stock: A Review of more than Twenty Years of Research on Empowerment at Work Gretchen Spreitzer Two Decades of Organizational Justice: Findings, Controversies and Future Directions Jason A. Colquitt Trust in Management: An Interpersonal Perspective M. Audrey Korsgaard Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Review and Extension of its Nomological Network Mattias Spitzmuller, Linn Van Dyne and Remus Ilies Teams at Work Helem M. Williams and Natalie J. Allen Dysfunctional Workplace Behavior Sandra L. Robinson Absenteeism and Presenteeism: Not at Work or Not Working Well Gary Johns Job Insecurity Tahira M. Probst Voluntary Employee Turnover: Determinants, Processes and Future Directions Wendy R. Boswell, Lily Run Ren and Andrew T. Hinrichs Unemployment and Retirement Terry A. Beehr and Misty M. Bennett PART TWO: PRACTICES, PROCESSES AND PERFORMANCE Emotions at Work: A Review and Research Agenda Alicia A. Grandey Conflict in Workgroups Karen A. Jehn and Sonja Rispens A Boundaryless Perpective on Careers Jeffrey H. Greenhaus A Century of Compensation Research Matt Bloom Employee Motivation Gary P. Latham and Edwin A. Locke Leadership Timothy A Judge, Erin Fluegge Woolf, Charlice Hurst and Beth Livingston A Multi-level Conceptualization of Organizational Politics Sean Lux, Gerald R. Ferris, Robyn L. Brouer, Mary Dana Laird and James Summers Knowledge Work Susan E. Jackson and Ying Hong High Performance Work Systems Roderick D. Iverson, Christopher D. Zatack and Melissa McCrae Work Design: Still Getting Stronger Heather C. Vough and Sharon K. Parker Job Performance Sobine Sonnetag, Judith Volmer and Anne Spychala PART THREE: WORK, STRESS AND WELL-BEING Work-family Conflict Joseph G. Grzywacz and Adam B. Butler Sexual Harassment in Organizations: A Decade of Research in Review Lilia M. Cortina and Jennifer L. Beardahl Work Stress Steve M. Jex and Maya Yankelevich Employee Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use: Scope, Causes and Organizational Consequences Michael R. Frone Psychology of Workplace Safety: A Thematic Review and some Possibilities Anthony E. Carroll and Nick Turner PART FOUR: INDIVIDUALS, ORGANIZATIONS AND SOCIETY Cross-cultural Research in Organizational Behavior Heidi K. Gardner and P. Christopher Earley Mergers and Acquisitions: Why 2 + 2 does not Always Make 3 Susan Cartwright Organizational Change Alannah E. Rafferty and Mark A. Griffin Nonstandard Work Arrangements: Meaning, Evidence and Theoretical Perspectives Daniel G. Gallagher and Catherine E. Connelly Labor Organizations Anthony Yue, E. Kevin Kelloway and Lori Francis Discrimination Stelle M. Nkomo PART FIVE: FUTURE DIRECTIONS Work and Well-being Jennifer Carson and Julian Barling Chapter 36: Positive Organizational Scholarship Jane E. Dutton and Mary Ann Glynn

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